MODEL SU-1133b(Thermostat ) SU-1133b2(차온조절기) SU-1133bh(온·습도조절기)
Input sensor Thermistor Thermistor+Thermistor Thermistor+HUMIDITY
Measure range -50~200 -50~200, -50~200 -50~99.9℃,0~100%
SENSOR Attach Attach Attach
Precision F.S 0.3% F.S 0.3% F.S 0.3%, ±3%
Power Supply
  • Basic form : AC100~240V(change rate of permission power ± 10%)
  • Option : DC12V, DC24V

  • Basic form : Relay output(AC250/10A, DC12V, A contact), Conversion of Cooling control(C), Heating control(H), Possibility of conversion into ON/OFF control and proportional control
  • Option : SSR out(DC12V)

  • Basic form : Relay out(AC250/2A, DC12V, A contact), Conversion of Cooling control(C), Heating control(H)
  • Option : SSR out(DC12V)

Relay Durability
  • Mechanical load : about one million times and above
  • Electrical durability : three hundred thousand times and above

Special featureSU-1133t
  • Temperature control via a SV value

Special feature SU-1133tt
  • Control via a sensor deviation : Operated when the value detected by 2 kinds of sensors is different from the setting value
  • Use : Midnight boiler, photovoltaic power plant, etc.

Special feature SU-1133th
  • Thermistor+HUMIDITY Control

Other functions
  • Filtering : Mitigation of it with a filtering value because there may happen a phenomenon that numbers swing when the sensor line is combined with the power route
  • Assurance of input sensor(offset): A function to compensate it because there may happen an error in the detection value if the sensor line is lengthened or aged
  • set restricted
  • LOC function : Locking to prohibit correction of detailed setting by anyone except for the installer

  • Dimensions : (W) 78mm×(H) 138mm
  • Panel size : (W) 75mm×(H) 135mm