• SU-503b

  • Adoption of Honeywell company’s precise humidity sensor

Measure range
  • 0~99% (effective measurement range : 20~90%)

  • Delivery with the sensor attached

  • ±3%

Power Supply
  • Basic form : AC100~240V(change rate of permission power ± 10%)
  • Option : DC12V, DC24V

  • Basic form : Relay output(AC250/10A, DC12V, A,B contact)),
  • Option: SSR OUT(DC12V)

Special feature
  • Filtering : Mitigation of it with a filtering value because there may happen a phenomenon that numbers swing when the sensor line is combined with the power route
  • ssurance of input sensor(offset) : A function to compensate it because there may happen an error in the detection value if the sensor line is lengthened or aged
  • Limit of setting range
  • LOC function : Locking to prohibit correction of detailed setting by anyone except for the installer

  • Dimensions : (W) 76mm× 34(H) mm
  • Panel size :(W) 70mm× 28(H) mm