Output Type CNT-400
  • With contacts : 2 kinds of relay outputs(SPST(1a))
  • Without contact : 2 points of NPN open collector(V)

Output TypeCNT-700
  • With contacts : 2 kinds of relay outputs(SPST(1a)) , SPDT(1c)
  • Without contact : 3 points of NPN open collector(V)

Output Mode Couter
  • 11 kind function(F→n→C→r→K→p→q→A→s→t→d) setting

Output Mode Timer
  • 9 kind function(ond→ond.1→ond.2→FLK→FLK.1→FLK.2→int→int.1→oFd)setting

Input Mode
  • Voltage input(PNP) type → Use of internal voltage(0~30VDC)
  • Zero voltage input(NPN) type (Below 1kΩ impedance during a short circuit and over 100kΩ impedance while opened)

Power failure compensation function
  • A function to memorize the factor value in case of power interception

Input Mode Type Couter, Timer
  • Couter : 5kind function(U, d, Ud-A, Ud-b, Ud-C)
  • Timer : 2 kind function(U, d)

Ud-c among functions in an input mode
  • This is a function to control a position, etc. by using a counter and encoder with a phase difference input, and can set values of changing length per pulse, liquid quantity, position, etc. (free scale).

Time range timer
  • Possibility to set separately set hour, minute and second of the time range in a function setting mode

Special function output
  • A function to be operated by a setting value without being affected by the function setting mode and output operation mode(CNT-700)

Output time setting function(couter)
  • out1:10→50→100→200→500→1000→2000→5000→HoLd (Unit: ms)
  • out2:10→50→100→200→500→1000→2000→5000(Unit: ms)

Output time setting function(timer)
  • out.t:10→50→100→200→500→1000→2000→5000→HoLd (Unit: ms)